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Com. Foote, with four gun-boats, and Gen. Grant with his troops, moved a-gainst Fort Hen-ry on the

"I should at least like to know why you have taken such a dislike to me," he said. "But you might not feel inclined to tell me that in any case."



"But"--the words came from her lips involuntarily--"I felt certain he had sent for you to ask you about it!"


Across the snow toward him was clumping a slack-faced man who gripped in both hands a cocked gun and who was 39shouting foolishly in his excitement. Zeb Harlow had caught up to the hunt at last.

“Better! It’s better than any other place on the face of the earth; it’s the only place to live in,” said Markham. “Why, child, it is paradise,”—he paused a moment, and then added, “with pandemonium next door.”

"How'd this happen?" demanded Jorgenson the business man.



At length, to our great relief, he made an end, and bidding Father Urbani get rid of me as soon as possible, he dismissed us. We bowed ourselves out, and I was free to enter the service for which I longed.


[pg 111]

"I had a feeling I'd get paper instead of action," Retief said. "I thought I'd save a little time all around."



"Ah, ah!" The Aga Kaga held up a hand. "Watch your vocabulary, my dear sir. I'm sure that 'justifiable yearnings for territorial self-realization' would be more appropriate to the situation. Or possibly 'legitimate aspirations, for self-determination of formerly exploited peoples' might fit the case. Aggression is, by definition, an activity carried on only by those who have inherited the mantle of Colonial Imperialism."



Hartford snatched up his shorts and pulled them on. It was Takeko. She was afoot, wearing the costume he'd last seen her with; but she had strapped on her back a leather wallet. A blabrigar sat on Takeko's shoulder. She spoke to it, repeating her message four times and listening to the bird repeat once. Then she shooed the scarlet bird away, to carry north the message that Hartford had been found.

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