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The burning suns of Africa

courage had failed, or the nurse had come in, or he had said something commonplace just at the moment which seemed to render that moment unsuitable for a confession.

When his wife was at home he never seemed to notice the family portraits or the old furniture. Leila carried off her own regrettable origin by professing a democratic scorn of ancestors in general. “I know enough bores in the flesh without bothering to remember all the dead ones,” she said one day, when I had asked her the name of a stern-visaged old forbear in breast-plate and buff jerkin who hung on the library wall: and Delane, so practised in sentimental duplicities, winked jovially at the children, as who should say: “There’s the proper American spirit for you, my dears! That’s the way we all ought to feel.”

Gloriously beautiful, madly alive in every inch of him, he combined the widest and most irreconcilable range of traits.


“Why, you, and Dan, and all these. And he said he was struck to stone when he heard I was married to Dan,——I must have been entrapped,——the courts would annul it,——any one could see the difference between us——”

  第五十二条 预算法第五十六条第二款所称财政专户,是指财政部门为履行财政管理职能,根据法律规定或者经国务院批准开设的用于管理核算特定专用资金的银行结算账户;所称特定专用资金,包括法律规定可以设立财政专户的资金,外国政府和国际经济组织的贷款、赠款,按照规定存储的人民币以外的货币,财政部会同有关部门报国务院批准的其他特定专用资金。

to compile a complete history of these notorious outlaws:

Many of us devote too much energy to increasing our wants.





I wint down to me kitchen, whare I guv a peece of me mind to the grocer’s man. Shure he do be after charging the Wolleys the most oonherd of prices for the food, and whin I’m after making a complaint in the madam’s name, the raskill opp and offers me a boniss.

The upshot was that the Machine made eleven moves before it started to take time to 'think' at all.

Are sleeping with the dead....

The style of the narrative might have been freer, and greater space might have been allotted to reflections on the inner connection of the whole subject, if I had had before me better preliminary studies in the history of botany; but as things are, I have found myself especially occupied in ascertaining questions of historical fact, in distinguishing true merit from undeserved reputation, in searching out the first beginnings of fruitful thoughts and observing their development, and in more than one case in producing lengthy refutations of wide-spread errors. These things could not be done within the allotted space without a certain dryness of style and manner, and I have often been obliged to content myself with passing allusions where detailed explanation might have been desired.



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