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??Everybody,?? grumbled Peter, ??is given to fixed ideas, but the Irish have ??em for choice. All this rot about Ireland a Nation and about the Harp, which isn??t properly their symbol, and the dear old Green Flag which isn??t properly their colour!... They can??t believe in that stuff nowadays.... But can they? In our big world? And about being a Black Protestant and pretending Catholics are poison, or the other way round. What are Protestants and Catholics now?... Old dead squabbles.... Dead as Druids.... Keeping up all that bickering stuff, when a child of eight ought to know nowadays that the Christian God started out to be a universal, charitable God.... If Christ came to Dublin the Catholics and Protestants would have a free fight to settle which was to crucify Him....??

“Just through from France, sir. I brought it on here, as you directed.”


There are many traditions of mysterious murders attributed to the Ford’s Ferry highwaymen. Every one is a fearsome tale and has evidently undergone many changes since it was first told. Some seem to have more versions than they are years old. None, so far as is now known, can be verified by documentary or other positive evidence. All these tales are apparently based on facts but it is also evident that each is much colored by fiction. A version of the tradition pertaining to Billy Potts and his son is here retold:


  第三阶段,各相关部门针对摸排和整改情况进行自查总结,堵塞管理漏洞,形成净化未成年人网络空间的长效工作机制,2020年12月底前完成并上报。(总台央视记者 周培培)




“What about him?” asked Poirot with a twinkle.

"Say, Doc," she asked when they had secured a table, "why is a rook worth more than a bishop?"


“Is there any pass-key to this door?”

"One night I was settin' by de charmber fire, an' I hear a cart come up ter de front do'; an' I wonder what kin' o' folks 'twas comin' dat time o' night in a cart. So I run out an' open de do' as soon as I heerd de knock—an' 'twas our Jake. 'Whar's little marse?' I ask him, ketchin' hol' on him. Jake look at me, an' he was kinder ashy, an' he couldn't speak. An' I hear ole marse an' missis comin'; an' sumpin' was in de cart all covered up, an' two men was takin' it out. When Jake seed missis, he start ter trimble; an' ole marse he shout, 'Whar's yo' mars

Having accomplished this part of their task,


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