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state of tension. I believe that a modest but complete statement of the Socialist criticism of the family and the proposed Socialist substitute for the conventional relationships might awaken extraordinary responses at the present time. The great terror of the eighties and early nineties that crushed all reasonable discussion of sexual relationship is, I believe, altogether over.

"Hello," he said. "I am Herrell McCray."


in his time a very representative Socialist, but certainly he did present, as if it were a counsel of perfection for this harsh and grimy world, something very like reckless abandonment to the passion or mood of the moment. I doubt if he would have found a dozen supporters in the Fabian Society in his own time. I should think his teaching would have appealed far more powerfully to extreme individualists of the type of Mr. Auberon Herbert. However that may be, I do not think there is at present among English and American Socialists any representative figure at all counselling Free Love. The modern tendency is all towards an amount of control over the function of reproduction, if anything, in excess of that exercised by the State and public usage to-day. Let me make a brief comparison of existing conditions with what I believe to be the ideals of most of my fellow Socialists in this matter, and the reader can then judge for himself between the two systems of intervention.


“Apologized? To that hound? For what?”



"When you get there," said Magnan, "I hope you'll make it quite clear that this matter is to be settled without violence."

"Hold him till we get someone who talks Stinker," Nef said.

"Retief, on your say-so, I've kept my boys on a short leash. They've put up with plenty. Last week, while you were away, these barbarians sailed that flotilla of armor-plated junks right through the middle of one of our best oyster breeding beds. It was all I could do to keep a bunch of our men from going out in private helis and blasting 'em out of the water."




  香港10月1日新增一例本地确诊病例,港媒爆料称,这名确诊的26岁泰国女子在香港滞留了大半年,2天后,一名22岁男学生也确诊,两人曾与同一天去过尖沙嘴China Secret酒吧。港媒开始担忧该酒吧成传播疫情的源头。

“One can only drink,” said I. “And when people disagree so fundamentally as we do, whisky is the only tipple that makes one forget.”

"But what did you tell him?" Hubert persisted.

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