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Of moral prudence, with delight received

  印度军事计划人员说,跨越整个冬季的“对等部署”将使印度付出巨大的代价。“如果进行对等部署,那么印军所有的预期计划都会失败。”辛格说:“用于其他领域能力建设的资金和物资将被转移到所谓拉达克地区。”他补充说,印度应该进行威慑部署,而不是对等部署。这意味着将部队撤回,并将他们部署在与敌方脆弱地区相对的地方。“他说,如果发生这种情况,中国军队甚至都可能不会移动到加勒万或德尚等地。他说:“现在,我们只能被动地坚守。” “由于是被动的,就需要付出成本。我们失去了积极主动的机会。由于没有山地部队,印度军队缺少进攻的能力。”Hooda说:“大规模的部署,在整个冬季在这些高度上维持3个师级别的力量,将产生巨大的成本。如果情况没有改善,部署将持续到明年。”


"Directly there's a moon," said Trixie, "I'm going to ride out with Guy to that wood and sit on a tombstone and look at the river. And then we will tango--tango in and out among the trees."


system, in which a responsible man owned nearly absolutely wife and offspring. All its laws and sentiments alike are derived from the reduction and qualification of that.

Arthur was embarrassed by that direct question. He saw, now, that he had had no right to make any insinuation against the motives of the family to which his companion belonged. For the moment he had been tempted to regard her, also, as being an outsider.




Not to be outdone in gallantry, Doc had insisted on escorting Sandra to her seat in the stands—at the price of once more losing a couple of minutes on his clock. As a result her stock went up considerably with Dave, Bill and Judy. Thereafter they treated anything she had to say with almost annoying deference—Bill especially, probably in penance for his thoughtless cracks at Doc. Sandra later came to suspect that the kids had privately decided that she was Dr. Krakatower's mistress—probably a new one because she was so scandalously ignorant of chess. She did not disillusion them.

to put down the foe who has dared to strike a blow at it!”



She had already done the Theory and Practice of Education part of the diploma. For that she had read parts of Leonard and Gertrude, and she had attended five lectures upon Froebel. Those were days long before the Montessori System, which is now so popular with our Miss Millses; the prevalent educational vogues in the ??nineties were Kindergarten and Swedish drill (the Ling System). Miss Mills was an enthusiast for the Kindergarten. She began teaching Joan and Peter queer little practices with paper mats and paper-pattern folding, and the stringing of beads. As Joan and Peter had been doing such things for a year or so at home as ??play,?? their ready teachability impressed her very favourably. All the children who fell under Miss Mills got a lot of Kindergarten, even though some of them were as old as nine or ten. They had lots of little songs that she made them sing with appropriate action. All these little songs dealt with the familiar daily life??as it was lived in South Germany four score years ago. The children pretended to be shoemakers, foresters, and woodcutters and hunters and cowherds and masons and students 119wandering about the country, and they imitated the hammering of shoes, the sawing of stone or the chopping down of trees, and so forth. It had never dawned upon Miss Mills that such types as these were rare objects upon the Surrey countryside. In the country about her there were no masons because there was no stone, no cowherds because there were no cows on the hills and the cows below grazed in enclosed fields, trees and wood were handled wholesale by machinery, and people??s boots came from Northampton or America, and were repaired in London. If any one had suggested songs about golf caddies, jobbing gardeners, or traction-engines, or steam-ploughs, or sawmills, or rate-collectors, or grocers?? boys, or season-ticket holders, or stockbrokers from London stealing rights-of-way, or carpenters putting up fences and trespass-notice boards, she would have thought it a very vulgar suggestion indeed.



Hubert looked faintly surprised. "Oh! that was the way he took you, was it?" he remarked.


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