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  海外网8月25日电 据香港“东网”等港媒25日消息,美国驻港澳总领事馆确认,其一名美国籍职员遭到袭击致额头受伤,送医时意识清醒。据港媒最新消息,嫌犯已经在屯门被捕。

??After all,?? said the Lord God, giving Peter no time to speak further; ??after all, you are three-and-twenty, Mr. Peter Stubland, and you??ve been pretty busy complaining of me and everything between me and you, your masters, pastors, teachers, and so forth, for the last half-dozen years. Meanwhile, is your own record good? Positive achievements, forgive me, are still to seek. You??ve been nearly drunk several times, you??ve soiled yourself with a lot of very cheap and greedy love-making??I gave you something beautiful there anyhow, and you knew that while you spoilt it??you??ve been a vigorous member of the consuming class, and really, you??ve got nothing clear and planned, nothing at all. You complain of my lack of order; where??s the order in your own mind? If I was the hot-tempered old autocrat some of you people pretend I am, I should have been tickling you up with a thunderbolt long ago. But I happen to have this democratic fad as badly as any one??Free Will is what they used to call it??and so I leave you to work out your own salvation. And if I leave you alone then I have to leave that other??that other Mr. Toad at Potsdam alone. He tries me, I admit, almost to the miracle pitch at times with the tone of his everlasting prepaid telegrams??but one has to be fair. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the Kaiser. I??ve got to leave you all alone if I leave one alone. Don??t you see that? In spite of the mess you are in. So don??t blame me. Don??t blame me. There isn??t a thing in the whole of this concern of mine that Man can??t control if only he chooses to 510control it. It??s arranged like that. There??s a lot more system here than you suspect, only it??s too ingenious for you to see. It??s yours to command. If you want a card index for the world??well, get a card index. I won??t prevent you. If you don??t like my spiders, kill my spiders. I??m not conceited about them. If you don??t like the Kaiser, hang him, assassinate him. Why don??t you abolish Kings? You could. But it was your sort, with your cheap and quick efficiency schemes, who set up Saul??in spite of my protests??ages ago.... Humanity either makes or breeds or tolerates all its own afflictions, great and small. Not my doing. Take Kings and Courts. Take dungheaps and flies. It??s astonishing you people haven??t killed off all the flies in the world long ago. They do no end of mischief, and it would be perfectly easy to do. They??re purely educational. Purely. Even as you lie in hospital, there they are buzzing within an inch of your nose and landing on your poor forehead to remind you of what a properly organized humanity could do for its own comfort. But there??s men in this world who want me to act as a fly-paper, simply because they are too lazy to get one for themselves. My dear Mr. Peter! if people haven??t taught you properly, teach yourself. If they don??t know enough, find out. It??s all here. All here.?? He made a comprehensive gesture. ??I??m not mocking you.??

he frequently met Samuel Mason and talked with him.

of coco-nut oil, diffusing smoke and smell; a gaudy group of nautch girls singing, twirling, blocked the doorway, and a crowd of musicians and guests and sightseers pushed and jostled each other for some distance down the street. Somehow he got through the flare, and confusion, and clamour, into the dimness beyond, only to find his way barred by a procession of camels padding towards him in shadowy, leisurely progress, groaning and grumbling, escorted by tall men clad in flowing garments and loose turbans, men with snaky black locks, hooked noses and fierce eyes; a camel caravan arriving from the north, laden with merchandise, weary and dusty with arduous travel.

The day after our installation was a Sunday. In the afternoon, Poirot left the front door ajar, and summoned me hastily as a bang reverberated from somewhere below.



“Oh!” said Claude, interrupting hurriedly, “it is that that has all been made up. Constance has been very nice about it,” he continued. “She has been making a study of the Riviera, and collecting all sorts of renseignements; for in most cases, it is necessary for me to winter abroad.”


to precede the tiger and utter weird cries either to warn him of danger or to announce some find of food. Whether such a belief was based on truth, or whether such conduct was merely the outcome of fear, he knew that the "pheaow's" arrival, with yells and with antics, usually proclaimed the approach of a tiger, and that in all probability it did so now. With a final contortion and a last demoniacal cry the creature fled into covert, and silence again descended, broken only by queer little scuffling noises below and the twittering of owls in the trees. Then a troop of brown monkeys came crashing and chattering through the trees, throwing themselves from branch to branch in a state of the wildest excitement; and the buffalo calf, that had so far lain content on the ground, got up and showed symptoms of fear.


"Yes, child, undoubtedly. The University degree is like the Hall-mark in silver, and I'm afraid I shall find very few persons willing to accept me as the genuine article without it."




Shortly afterwards the Duke commanded me to repair to Dunkirk and there await him. He there sent me the grateful assurance that I was to start almost at once charged with considerable monies, which he was about raising, and also letters for the Prince, and at the same time confided to me that he had almost transmitted a large sum by the hands of Creach, or "Mr. Graeme," as he styled him—news I was sadly disappointed to hear, for I could not bring myself to trust the man in any particular.


"Sinkin' spells. Doctors workin' with him," sententiously remarked the guard to the sergeant, pausing a moment in his regular tramp.


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