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"Pia-san talked to my cousin, and I listened," she said. "Kansannamura was my home. Pia often visited us." Hartford, who after Nasty Nef was the man most responsible for the burning of Takeko's village, was silent. "When your jeepu-kuruma hit my giraffu, I think you are Renkei," the Kansan girl said. "Renkei is my cousin. He go to see what can be done."

“For instance——” I suggested.

“Me sun” ses he “is yung and rash. This is not the first time I have been obleeged to cum in person to extrycate him from sich a scrape. Forchunatly” ses he “we expict him to make an airly marruge. I was talking to his finansay’s father to-day and its aboot desided that the yung fokes will both be sint abrord nixt week. Good avening sir” ses he “You will not be thrubbled again” ses he. Thin, still smiling in that nasty insoolting way of his, he bowed and wint.


Beacon Heights was a new course just opened near New York, easy of access, and costing only a trifle to get from the city there and to see the race. Excitement was intense over the coming race between these two famous Southern champions, both sons of Virginia, and I am confident that a hundred thousand people witnessed the race. They came from every section of the United States, and all classes were represented. Mr. Van Buren, who was then President, and all of his Cabinet occupied a conspicuous place in the grandstand, as did also nearly all of the foreign legations, who were out in full force. The beauty and chivalry of the nation had assembled to witness what was expected and what proved to be the greatest horse race that ever occurred in this or any other country. The great sea of humanity was kept in the best of humor by lively music from a number of bands, the most noted being the United States Marine Band, which had been sent out in honor of the assembled dignitaries.

“Theyve been watching me all avening. They’ll niver let me be alone wid you agin. You see papa ses your to blame, and James ses that if you hadn’t incoraged us to yuse your kitchen and——”

“Badly, my dear young lady! You must know that is impossible,” said the old soldier, shuffling a little from one foot to the other. And then he added, “Ladies are a little unreasonable. And if they think you have interfered with the little finger of a child of theirs—— But I hope you will let me have the pleasure of paying my farewell visit in the morning.”



"Whose command are you?" I asked.


Once he yawned selfconsciously, straightened himself and sat very compactly. But almost immediately he was writhing again.




"That I cannot credit," I returned. "His Highness could not be so mistaken."





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