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Speaking of advertising, we have a letter from one of our patrons who have been advertising with us from the start, who say they are advertising in several other publications, and that they are getting more replies and more business from TROTWOOD’S than from any of the others. We are going to publish their letter in the next issue, so look out for it.

The End




“Are you a nurse?” arsks Miss Flimflam, looking at me misdoubtfully.

ing I made no answer, probably thought it pained me to be thus convicted of heartlessness, for she added, as if softening the rebuke: “Two of your father’s cousins did fight: his cousins Harold and James. They were young men, with no family obligations. And poor Jamie was killed, you remember.”

All Fifth Avenue had poured down to see New York versus Hempstead. The beautifully rolled lawns and freshly painted club stand were sprinkled with spring dresses and abloom with sunshades, and coaches and other vehicles without number enclosed the farther side of the field.




"Why not?" said the doctor testily. "I see them together half a dozen times a week."


Immediately afterwards the officer belonging to the Thunderer turned and made a gesture with his hand that Jack knew must be meant for them. Accordingly he and his comrade drew forward.

Involuntarily she started, though she knew she did not feel surprised. Kennard had come out of his gate, and was standing at her side; she had not heard his footsteps in the dust. His figure, in the starlight, looked black and indistinct, save for his white shirt-front and the burning end of his cigar. It suddenly struck Rafella that, since she had known Mr. Kennard, the odour of strong cigars was no longer repugnant to her--she who had always detested the smell of tobacco, who had never grown really accustomed to George's innumerable cigarettes! Vaguely she wondered why this should be, as he stood talking--talking, she


“When can we expect to take this venture, then, sir?” asked Jack, partly to hide his confusion, for compliments of any kind always made him turn red in the face, and feel uneasy.




“Miss Carnavan” ses I, biling over wid rage, “theres a trane laving widin tin minits. Yell have plinty of time to catch it.”

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