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“O Xerxes, King of the Medes and Persians and would-be conqueror of the world, I come to you with an important message. For two days your soldiers have been defeated by the Greeks at the entrance of the pass of Thermopylæ. The Greeks are so inferior in number that right now is the time to strike, but not in the method heretofore employed. The Greeks are well trained, and if they are to be conquered, it must be by the greater forces of the enemy. Listen, O Xerxes! If you would succeed in overwhelming the enemy, you must attack from behind, but this you can not do since you are not acquainted with this wild, impassable country. I am a native Malian and well acquainted with this locality. If you will make it worth my while, I will show you a mountain pass that will lead you to the rear of Leonidas’ army unobserved.”

Joost thin Mrs. Wolley walks innersintly into me kitchin. She has sum fine lace in her hand, and she ses: “Lind me your ironing bord Delia. I’m doing these oop mesilf.” Joost thin she seen Minnie, and she smiles swately—“Ah is this a frind of yours, Delia?” ses she.

"Aren't you going to explain?" she demanded in a stifled voice. "You have made me the laughing-stock of the station. You have spoilt my evening. Do you expect me to submit without a word? I am not a child, let me tell you; I am capable of taking care of myself."



Soon it became a regular practice of mine to run over from Manchester to Liverpool every alternate Saturday to attend the afternoon rehearsal and the evening concert of the Philharmonic Society, the orchestra of which Bantock conducted. These were very pleasant meetings, for a party of us used to stay at the London and North Western Hotel and we would sit until the small hours of Sunday morning talking music, returning to our respective homes on Sunday afternoon. At these times Bantock was at his best, and Bantock’s best makes the finest company in the world. In his presence one always feels warm and deeply comfortable, and yet very much alive; he made a glow; he reconciled one to oneself. I would not call him a brilliant, or even a good, talker, but I can with truth call him a very wise one; and in argument he is unassailable.

  为表彰其捐赠医疗器材和物资,对约旦及全球抗疫做出的重大贡献,约旦国王官方网站日前宣布授予阿里巴巴创始人、中国企业家俱乐部主席马云阿卜杜拉二世·本·侯赛因国王一级卓越勋章授勋,这一授勋仪式18日在北京约旦驻华大使馆举办。据悉,这是代表约旦全国最高荣誉的勋章,马云也是第一个获得该勋章的中国人。在今年新冠肺炎疫情期间,马云通过公益基金会向包括约旦在内的 150 多个地区捐赠了2 亿多件抗疫物资。(环球时报-环球网记者 赵觉珵)

“‘Not if the court know herself, and he think she do,’” was the reply from another, as they passed.

The two sets had con-ven-tions, the Free States at To-pe-ka and the slave-hold-ers at Le-comp-ton. The pa-pers drawn up in these two pla-ces were sent to Wash-ing-ton. In the cit-y there were men who did their best to get Bu-chan-an to try to have Kan-sas made a state where there could be slaves.

. . . . . . . .




??What is education up to??? he asked. ??What is education???...

Then gather ye, Appin, Clanranald, Glengarry!



I wint oop to tell Miss Claire. She looked a bit poot out.

She trembled, terrified, and her face became distorted with tears. "You are cruel and unjust," she sobbed. "I will not bear it."

Today it is comparatively dry, except during the

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